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Selling crafts online is a dream come true for many artists, crafters and artisans. If you want to sell your crafts online or if you already earn some or all of your living online, this site has many resources for you. While it is still a work in progress, I have compiled a hefty stack of real and virtual resources for you. Selling your work is a great way to make a living, or just some extra money. There are tricks to this trade and you’ll find that constant learning is the key to success.

Just as you continually hone your craft, learning to market yourself and your work effectively is an ongoing task. Lest you think that marketing is a dirty word, keep in mind that some of the best-known artists of all time have also been great marketers. Picasso, Monet and Michelangelo were all adept at creating buzz around their work. They all knew that without an audience, they would starve. These were not starving artists! They learned to thrive and sell their work even as they created groundbreaking art that is world-renowned decades and even centuries after they passed on.

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